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About Us

"Hi! HI! HI YA!!"

I'm Eva, a California girl transplanted to Ogden, UT.  I'm a mother of 3 great kids and wife of a very patient, loving husband.  This is where I share pictures from our family's crazy, random fun.  Sometimes it's a thrifty day-trip.  Some days it might just be simple moments around the house I want to capture and treasure.  Mostly, it's me trying to appreciate the precious time we have together since all too often I focus on the messes, to-do lists and overwhelming pile of laundry that won't leave me alone.  I've always loved journaling and writing about my family helps me love them more.  So here we are!  Sharing our experiences with the family and friends we have spread across the world...

If you would like to get to know me even better and see more of my pictures, feel free to check out my other blogs! 

I suffered from depression and anxiety for many years.  One of the greatest parts of healing has been sharing my experiences and trying to spread hope to others.  I try really hard to see the positive now and find learning moments in the every day life of a stay at home mommy.  For an inspirational pick-me-up visit...www.evamelissabarnett.blogspot.com

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and make it a priority (as hard as it is sometimes!) to creatively teach my kids the Gospel.  For ideas on teaching your children about Christ Like my Facebook page LDS Little Ones and check out my blog... www.ldslittleones.blogspot.com

I also homeschool and love documenting that adventure!  For crafts and other educational fun...www.happinessishomeschooling.blogspot.com

Keeping my depression in check and keeping up with my kids has only been possible through trying to live a healthier life.  I have struggled with body image issues for a long time and even battled an eating disorder for a time.  Documenting the nutritious choices I make and healthy weight-loss efforts helps me stay on track.  You can read about that journey here...http://www.veggiefitmama.blogspot.com  It's been really rewarding to encourage others on a quest for better health.

Finally, I love taking family portraits and have been busy at it for the past 3 years.  You can see my work, client reviews and modest pricing at www.evabarnettphotography.blogspot.com.

I love having readers, sharing parenting ideas and struggles, and the support that's out there when we learn from each other!  Thanks and visit often!

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