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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Critters, Cookies and Colds...

Life has been busy here. We've been fighting colds for a week and hope they will go away! Meanwhile, Chad has stayed healthy, allowing him to stay busy with work. The kids are their usual selves with about half their usual energy, so that's been nice. :)

We decorated cookies one day and Michael really enjoyed that. He did his sprinkles all by himself. Sophia is still interested in animals and really liked holding some bugs we found in our house. She carried it around for probably 20 minutes, letting it walk on her shoulder even, until it fell off. She's brave. Hope you enjoyed these recent pics! Stay Warm! Love, The Barnetts

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sophia Style

Here is Sophia being a sea turtle. She is very "into" sea turtles right now and is quick to point them out in stories, cartoons and playground equipment. :)

She is also into making "Animal Parades!" She must be an Anderson girl at heart!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bags and Blocks

It cracks me up how things change so quickly. A couple months ago I couldn't get Sophia in a picture and now she wants to pose for the camera. She's into more and more "girly" things everyday. I love it.
She's even helping Topaz accessorize.
Tonight we played with blocks after Family Home Evening. Michael takes building very seriously. We may have another engineer in the making...

Till next time, stay warm and happy! Love, The Barnetts

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family Letter for 2008...

Happy 2009 Family and Friends!

2008 wasn't our easiest year, but Chad and I believe our family is closer than ever because of it. Since I'm not very good at the whole Christmas-letter thing, but I was influenced as a child by David Letterman's style of record keeping, I hope you'll enjoy…

2008 's Top Ten List of Barnett Family Events

10) We bought our dream house!!! Built in 1889, there are a lot of "projects" ahead of us, but it's ours and we love it- especially the ward we ended up in. IT ROCKS!

9) Baby Michael went from an infant who could barely rollover, to a whopping 24 lb. climbing, running and cuddling little boy, who likes brushing his hair and teeth every morning. That is A LOT of progress for one year. Go Michael!

8) Sophia is growing gracefully, learning and developing her own personality. While she is stubborn and smart like her mother and sensitive and sweet like her Daddy, Sophia is definitely her own person. We are grateful for her energy (although it scares us sometimes,) enthusiasm and love. "I luuh-ve you. I luuh-ve you..."

7) Chad was recently called to be the Ward Financial Clerk, which has kept him very busy. Eva was called to be Ward Choir Conductor and enjoyed writing a Christmas program narrative to go along with the music. In both capacities, we're making more friends and growing closer to each other through supporting each other.

6) Eva was asked to write a local theatre's Christmas play, a musical adaptation of "Babes in Toyland." The show was double-cast and performed throughout December to laughing, paying audiences. Best of all, the theatre has asked if she'd be willing to write for them again.

5) Chad lost his "dream job" when the company went bankrupt due to home foreclosures. As a result, Chad started his own woodworking business, Denman Woods. He now has his own shop in Ogden (No more hour+ commute, yay!) and is designing and building custom kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture pieces. He loves his job, and Eva loves seeing him doing something he loves. If you're interested, check out www.denmanwoods.com at the end of January!

4) Eva's anxiety/depression worsened, leading to having the kids in fulltime daycare while she took a break. During this time, Eva painted and set-up Chad's office and showroom at his shop. Also, after many prayers and priesthood blessings she's watching the kids fulltime again and loving (almost) every minute of it. Dancing and singing to High School Musical, Barbie’s “The Princess and the Pauper” and Mamma Mia has been a fun way for all three of them to pass the time.
3) Sophia had her first major injury, falling on the sidewalk and splitting her front tooth off. There was a lot of blood and difficulty trying to see the injury. Luckily Eva had an early Christmas purchase in the trunk, a doll, so that calmed her down. With some sedatives and quick dental work she looked like brand new. Mom and Dad have also fully recovered from this highly stressful event. :)

2) Eva began this blog (which she hopes to maintain on a WEEKLY basis this year) and her own, http://evamelissabarnett.blogspot.com/ She loves comments and knowing people read it, so say hi and please pass it on! Also, she's started her myspace page, http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=391631214 and is looking forward to getting more of her music recorded and out there for anyone!

1) We are all still together. Chad has stayed so strong during this year's ups and downs. Even the kids it seems have understood somehow when we've needed a hug or something to make us laugh. They're only 2 and 1, but they are crucial, strong, uplifting members of our family. We know we're far away from many family, high school and college friends, but there is so much love and power in the four of us. I'm astounded to think what this year will bring as we continue to grow individually and get in touch with you all again.

Best Wishes for an AMAZING 2009!

With Lots of Love,
Chad, Eva, Sophia and Michael

The Twelve Pictures of Christmas

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM CHEVA AND CO.!!! We love you and hope 2009 is wonderful for everyone. Here is a quick peek at how we spent the end of 2008 and this holiday season...

This is my attempt to get a cute winter shot of the kids in their Christmas clothes. They thought holding hands was silly.

Evan (Chad's brother) was kind enough to play family photographer for us. Here we are!

This is a great shot of everyday life in our home- people snacking on sweets, wearing random costumes, and leaving projects half-way done. But everybody's happy...

OK, now we're making some progress on the tree. It's all a matter of getting the ornaments on faster than the kids can figure out how to take them down.

And like always, Chad puts the star on top.

We spent many evenings playing games with Evan, Eliza (my sister) and Mike (her husband.) Eliza and Mike have recently been stationed at Hill Airforce Base, about 20 minutes from us. We love having family close by. Evan's staying with us during his break from school. He's been a great help at Chad's shop and as a baby-sitter. I love the look on Michael's face here as they play "Flipper Furry," a hand-crafted game by Chad's dad, Craig. I thought the loud snapping of marbles would scare the kids, but they both wanted a chance to play too.

Ah, Christmas morning...here's Chad playing with Michael's toys...
...Sophia playing with Michael's toy...

...and Mommy playing with Michael.

The best thing about our quiet Christmas was watching the kids enjoy everything with no pretenses or expectations. Every present truly was a gift in their eyes... Thank you everyone for thinking of us.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you for your friendships and prayers.
Good luck in 2009!!!