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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve and Day

January 1st was simple and special.  Did dishes with the kids.  Listened to them play Legos together.  I had a nice jog on the treadmill and a shower!  Made a nice dinner that we enjoyed as a family and my Mami, with some sparkling cider too!  I made Chad a good lunch, we read scriptures and sent him off to work.  I helped the kids write in their journals, listened to them read the New Testament scripture stories book, and then read "Wherever you Are" to them.  Then I watched a movie with my Mom while we both did some crafts.  It was simple but nice.

I want this year to be more focused on family, order, and not getting distracted from what we really want to be accomplishing.  I hope I can have better focus on my kids and our family goals.  I know if we are trying, the progress will happen!

Here are the album pages from New Year's Eve...

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